Create hyperlinks to CRM System


We use Holistics for large-scale BI reporting - but if we ever want to dig into a customer account, we need to copy a unique identifier and paste into our CRM system (bespoke in-house build).

I’m sure it’s possible to build a custom dimension to create a link but my SQL is almost non-existant. I’m basically looking to create a custom dimension that looks like this:

{{static_link_text}}{{ #THIS.Unique_identifier}}



Can anyone help me to write this query?

Hi @Rob_B ,

There’re 2 steps to make this work:

1. Create a custom dimension.
Let me make an example. The left field is static and the right field is from our database.
'' || {{ #THIS.feedback_exp }}

Here I’m using Postgres, and the syntax to glue 2 fields is ||.
Let me know the database that you’re using so I can recommend the correct syntax for it.

2. Set the format to HTML when you build the chart


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@HuyVu You’ve just made my day! So simple, and conveniently, we’re also using PostGres.

Our entire customer service team thank you from the bottom of our hearts! :heart:

Have a great Wednesday!!!