Change owner of a schedule / Allow others to edit schedule

We noticed that if one analyst creates a schedule on a dashboard, then another analyst with permission to that dataset are unable to edit that schedule. Only admins can.


Is this the intended behaviour? If so, how can we transfer the ownership to another user?

Ideally, we should be able to allow any analyst with dataset permissions to edit any existing schedules. Otherwise it creates a problem when users are on leave / uncontactable and creates a single point of failure.
It will be quite normal for the person that maintains a schedule to be different to the person that created it in the first place.

Hi @david-ri
It’s our expected behavior to avoid the case where analysts can access the data that they aren’t allowed to see. We thought of changing / improving this behavior a few months ago, but decided to put it aside since it relates to the whole permission system.
For the ownership change, we highly recommend you send us a support ticket and our team will assist you with it :blush:

I’m not sure how that scenario can occur - they’re already viewing the dashboard, we just want to change the schedule (eg add recipients) and/or change the owner. I’ll ask my colleague to raise a support ticket, but that feels overkill just to be able to add another recipient to a schedule, or to edit the timing of the schedule. In practice I’ll probably just give them temporary admin rights, but that isn’t an ideal setup.

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