Auto-Scale on Conditional Formatting

Follow on from the post Conditional formatting: totals values + dynamic ranges (but has been marked as solved, but only part of it was)

Wanted to add +1 for dynamic scales for conditional formatting.

You don’t always want to hard-code the min/mid/max point - sometimes you just want to use it to identify the outliers in a data range, so having it set the min/max based on the min/max of the available range would be more useful.

Hi @david-ri,

Thanks for sharing your case with us!

This is certainly a valid use case for “Dynamic scales for conditional formatting”. I have noted it in our backlog to discuss very soon.

Just need a bit more info: Can you give me an example of how you would identify the outliers in a data range using the dynamic scales? I just want to find out if the dynamic values defined by the min/max of a data range can cover all use cases.

I think for the purpose of Dynamic Scaling, a simple min/max for the range is a great starting point.

A future version that sets the min/max range as say n standard deviations from mean could be useful, but wouldn’t let that get in the way of a useable ‘v1’

Got it, David! Thanks for sharing some valuable inputs.

We will work on this and give you a heads-up about any related updates.

Complete agree with David, dynamic scaling is a very valuable tool, as it users to worry less about the range set under the visualisation and consider more about what the scale is actually showing.

An example of something we are wanting to generate is using pivot tables to generate effectively a heat map of volumes of contacts by; day (columns) & hours (rows). We expect the underlying number of contacts to grow with the business. Based on the static min & max we will have to review this on a scheduled basis and adjust accordingly, rather than leaving the visualisation to handle this.


Hi Benjamin! Sorry for missing your reply this long.

I’ve got your case there, along with David’s and other similar requests for Dynamic scaling. Totally agree that this would help tremendously to stop worrying about the ever-changing data range.
Let me inform our Product team & discuss about raising the priority for it. Cheers!