Add new columns automatically to data table model

We have a few models, where new columns are being added dynamically. We have set up our DBT transformations to handle this, and the last step would be to automatically update the code in Holistics when new columns are added.

There are two ways you could solve this as I see it:

  1. The automatic rebuild option (Preferred option):
    You add an option to data tables to automatically rebuild based on a schedule you can set like once a day. This would obviously overwrite any custom definitions in that model. It should, therefore, that is turned off by default.

  2. The CLI method:
    With this option you would add a new feature to the CLI, that would make it possible to update the AML code for a model. This would allow us to update programmatically but would require us to handle the logic outside of Holistics.

Hi @mabr ,

Currently, our modeling fields are not automatically updated when your underlying table and columns change. I do understand that the workflow with dbt integration will be disrupted without this feature.

However, this is something that we have already been aware of and added to the backlog for future improvement. I will let you know when there is an update from our side.

Referring to your suggestion, I believe that the solutions make sense (either by updating the field automatically or manually). Let me also check this with my team to see if this is something that can be matched with our future implementation. Thank you again for your suggestion.


Hi @Khai_To
Thanks for the update and I am looking forward to that in the future :slight_smile:

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