A workaround for the dashboard auto-refresh feature

The dashboard auto-refresh feature helps you automatically update your dashboard with the latest data at an interval (e.g. every 10 mins), this is especially helpful when you want to project live dashboards on big monitors.

Since version 3.0, Holistics doesn’t support auto-refresh anymore. While the team is figuring out the best approach to bring the feature back, here’s a workaround that will get you the same outcome.

Navigate to a dashboard on Holistics, open your browser’s web console, and run the script below to automatically trigger the dashboard’s refresh button every 5 minutes

        document.querySelector('.refresh .trigger .icon-wrapper').click();
    300000 // milliseconds

Another approach is to install an auto-clicker browser extension or app to auto-click the refresh button at an interval.

Disclaimer: This is not an official approach from Holistics, fetching data constantly from your Data Warehouse can cost money and impact the performance. Holistics is not responsible for any costs caused by using this approach.

If you use the browser Vivaldi, it has a built-in scheduled refresh feature which you can use. (Just right-click the tab —> refresh)

Bunch of chrome extensions that do it as well I’m sure.

There’s also an extension (I’ll need to check the name of it) which cycles through different urls … we use this to cycle through different dashboards every n minutes.

Wow, this is brilliantđź‘Ź

However, the browser refresh doesn’t have the capability to clear the dashboard’s cache so it won’t guarantee that the viewers will get the latest data, and the web page will be blank during the refresh as well.